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Terms and conditions

Online tickets can be collected at the door on the evening of the concert. In case of difficulty, please contact us.

Concerts start at 7:30 pm

Please select the tickets you wish to buy. There is a shopping cart so you can see what has been ordered.  Check what special offers are available see Online store information on the right.


Payment is by using a debit or credit card to pay securely online (no account needed).

Tickets are also available from Just (St Mary's shop) on the High Street Wendover, cash or card payment. 

Ticket are non-refundable.

Doors open 6:50 pm

You are asked to ensure that alarms, phones and any other devices which may become audible are switched off during performance. The concerts are not suitable for children under 5 but we welcome families. 



In partnership with  St Mary’s Church, Wendover  

The store is closed for maintenance

We are very sorry but our payment App provider has been having some issues in processing direct card payments. We have investigated but as yet have no sensible response from the App technical support; it will send an e-mail when sorted. It is something to do with Chase Payment systems in the financial plumbing, not with people's cards.

Hence, we have stopped the direct card payments system. You can still pay direct by card using PayPal and DO NOT NEED a PayPal account. Ignore it if asks!

Or - send us a message and we will hold tickets on the door for collection and direct card machine or cash payment.

Really sorry on this!

If you have a PayPal account, please use that.

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