2020 tickets will be honoured, both season and individual. 

We have had to reschedule some dates. The 10 July concert is cancelled. We will reschedule for 2022.

But, good news, we  have a mini-festival  on 22 and 23 October, that is a Friday and Saturday. New for us but logistically easier. Note, Paul Lewis  is now on the 23 Oct. 

The big innovation is VIRTUAL concerts as the church as has a high quality audio visual system.  These are booked on a separate page.

General notices (live only)


If notified in advance the stewards will hold seats for small young people and their family and friends so that they can see the performers.


The stewards will always make room for wheelchair users - it really helps if advance notice is given so the necessary space can be created with adjoining seats for family and friends.

We look forward to welcoming music lovers to St Mary’s Church in 2021.

Virtual Notices

on booking via the separate booking system, you get a link sent to you bu e-mail

2021 Concerts

Lewis close up.JPG

10 July 7:30 pm

Ema Nikolovska (mezzo-soprano) and Samuele Telari (accordion)


due to quarantine restrictions. Both artists live outside the UK and travel in Europe  and whilst we can get them in, the quarantine restrictions on returning are prohibitive.  This is caused by the Delta (Indian) variant being so common in the UK

FRIDAY 22 October 7:30 pm

Timothy Ridout (viola) and Tom Poster (piano)

Programme includes the two Brahms Sonatas

Saturday 23 October 7:30 pm

Change of artist

Paul Lewis (Piano)